Dohrey.me: auto-grading for music education

The smart MatchMySound™ algorithm checks your students’ singing against the written music and points out the differences: were any of the notes sharp or flat, was the rhythm correct, was the tempo okay?


Original content is welcome

Upload your score in MusicXML or MuseScore format and audio in .mp3, .ogg, .mp4 or .wav. The score file and audio recording get automatically aligned. You can also attach image files to your pieces.


Homework can now have measurable goals

Dohrey.me is perfect for solfeggio and choirs: assign your singers a homework via dohrey.me, set the desired goals and you will save time in your next rehearsal.


Record with backing tracks

Listening to one's own recording is a powerful way of learning. Especially with the automatically created backing tracks: a soprano will hear the alto, tenor, and bass to her earphones while practising.


Efficient practise

Dohrey.me makes students practise more often and more efficiently. That's because it helps to focus on the sections that need work. Plus, the teacher will see what is causing trouble for the student.


You can use it for free

Dohrey.me is free of charge for all teachers and conductors. Students will pay a small monthly fee after their trial period ends. Start now and experience the state-of-the-art automatic assessment!